About QCServices

Quality Consultancy Services is a service-provider that has the capabilities of guiding SMEs through the process of implementing and improving their quality processes. With a number of years’ experience working in the food and medical device sector, QCServices can help you with your ISO/CE Mark implementation. We also provide a service to work with businesses on their Lean Manufacturing processes & Six Sigma projects which will help make your company processes more efficient and cost effective.

At QCServices we pride ourselves on providing services to companies where we take a vested interested in helping them achieve their company goals. We ensure that all work is completed to the highest standard and has been proven to achieve results. We will do everything possible to work to your deadlines and provide you with regular updates so you will have full visibility on all projects.

We understand how operating a small company is very challenging. However, in order to survive, a company’s systems and processes should be regularly reviewed to ensure that wastes are reduced. QCServices provides you with the opportunity to take a step-back and allow fresh eyes to review your processes and help identify these wastes and implement improvements. QCServices can also enable you to have access to a Quality Manager on a part-time basis when your company cannot afford a full-time QE.


Our mission is to provide a quality service to companies that addresses their business issues and provide them with the solutions to help reduce these issues. QCServices do this by being totally committed to your company using proven tools and techniques that show results. Our aim is help you reduce your waste and improve your quality.

Driving improvement is vital and an ongoing challenge in order for your company to survive in today’s environment. QCServices will gladly meet with you and inform you more about how we can help your company.

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